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​ FourGen Remodeling truly represents four generations of the Kotlas family's dedication to the residential  remodeling industry.  Let us show you how Koty and Alex, the third and fourth generations of the family, continue to deliver high quality  work at reasonable prices.  As you examine each section of this website you will understand not just what we do, but why and  how we continually rise above the  competition to earn the gratitude of our customers.

 Our efforts are not focused on one job or one customer, they are our daily routine. We are not building a business,  we are  building  relationships that carry over from job to job, throughout neighborhoods and are passed down through generations.  We are never compromised by a quick sale or the need to make a buck.  These relationships are what build our business.

 A job well done is the foundation for the most powerful and effective form of advertising. This is a recommendation from a  satisfied  customer to a new potential customer. We hope to add  you to our growing list of satisfied customers. Visit  our testimonial page and let  our customers tell you themselves about their experience.


 We want to build relationships. We do this by listening  intently to our customers wishes and dreams. We use our  experience to guide you through the needed decisions  and  show you how you can control the costs.

 We educate our customers about the process so that we  can  provide a smooth and predictable work process.

 ​We provide quality workmanship that will allow you to  enjoy your renovation. Our work adds lasting value to  your  home.

​ Throughout the project we build a relationship of trust  through honesty, strong work ethic and satisfying results.

​ This will last far beyond the completed project.

Four Gen Remodeling is centered in Howard County, Maryland. We are truly Home Remodeling Specialists.
​Contact Koty or Alex today. We will be happy to  help plan your next project.