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Our Philosophy Is To Build Relationships

Listen intently to our customer’s wishes and dreams

Use our experience to guide them through the needed decisions

Throughout the project build a relationship of trust through honesty, work ethic and results that will last far beyond the completed project.

Educate them to the process so that we can have a smooth and predictable work process

Provide quality workmanship that will allow them to enjoy their renovation, while adding lasting value to their home.

Show them how they can control the costs

The FourGen Remodeling Story….


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It goes back to Poland where Peter the patriarch of the family was a carpenter…

Upon his arrival in America his first job was to expand the small two room house he had purchased to hold his growing family. He lived in that house until his death. Back then remodeling was quite different from today, but if your work didn’t have quality there certainly would be no work for the next day.

I was very young when my grandfather passed away. My father Andy was the youngest of eleven, as he grew up he learned the skills of carpentry and understood the beauty of creating things with your hands. He built our families first house when he was a young father with 2 children. I had my first jobsite injury there at the age of 3 (of course it was a minor one). Although my dad had a full time job, the nights and weekends were either spent in the workshop or in someone’s house fixing something. Andy was a jack of all trades and everyone in the neighborhood knew who to call when something needed repaired or they wanted something built. I needn’t tell you that most days I was at his side handing him the correct tool or passing him materials. I was fascinated with the tools there were so many of them.  I took me awhile to understand the joy of creating something out of raw materials. Andy and I took the business full time in 1987 when he left his job of 30 years and I left a string of small businesses I had opened and operated.

I had the business background and he had a neighborhood full of people who knew him for 30 years. It didn’t take long for us to have a full calendar any many satisfied customers. We were well on our way to having a growing business, we had the work we just needed to develop the systems needed to be a successful company. We took note of what went right and what maybe could be improved on, we found that a manageable schedule we could keep on track, reliable sub-contractors, well supervised workers and a quality job would generate happy customers willing to refer our business to family and friends.

After a good 10-year run, Andy retired and moved to Florida, which left me with a young family and a business that was booming, instead of hiring and growing the business I decided to stay small with several well managed crews, keep my customers happy and spend more time at home.

My wife also had a growing career that brought up new paths to consider. Her career moved us to Maryland, then Boston, next Missouri and finally back to Maryland. In each of these locations I again started a new company but starting from scratch was a new experience and offered new challenges.

Alex started working with me on and off from 16 until 20 while he was attending a residential remodeling trade school, we even went full time together for a couple of years but neither of us were quite ready for that. When we moved to Boston Alex went to work for a large remodeling company. Alex worked for the same remodeling company for several years and honed his skills to the point where he became a lead carpenter with them. When I returned to Maryland we both knew it was time to join forces and start our own Company FourGen Remodeling in the fall of 2013. Koty and Alex, The 3rd and 4th generations of the Kotlas Family are now bringing our families quality and workmanship to Carroll County and the Ellicott City area. FourGen Remodeling is Open for Business.

We hope that you might want to join our list of satisfied customers, Please give us a call today and let us help create your dream.

FourGen Remodeling Team
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